Quality Surgical Equipment – You Get What You Pay For

Many companies that claim to refurbish equipment simply inspect, clean up, and cosmetically enhance a used piece of equipment.  THAT IS NOT REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT!  Alpine Surgical has partnered with numerous refurbishing companies and each of these companies specializes in refurbishing specific types of equipment.  These companies have policies and procedures in place and follow protocol during the refurbishing process.  Their factory certified technicians completely tear down a piece of equipment, inspect all components, have mandatory parts and components that are replaced with new ones, rebuild the piece of equipment and bring it back to the original manufacturers specifications.

Depending on the specific piece of equipment our refurbishing companies are replacing $3,000-$5,000 in parts during the refurbishing process.  They utilize professional automotive style paint booths to cosmetically make the equipment look like new.  The end product looks and functions like a new piece of equipment at roughly 75% the cost.  NOW THAT’S REFURBISHED!

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