Drager Narkomed Fabius Tiro

Product Description


  • Ergonomic design of all components
  • Economical and upgradable architecture
  • Intelligent safety concept
  • Optimized workstation structure
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Highly advanced ventilator
  • Innovative gas delivery module

The Fabius GS anesthesia system is the latest development in the evolution of anesthesia technology. Designed for routine anesthesia practice, the Fabius GS combines the latest ventilation and gas delivery technologies with an intuitive and familiar user interface.

A single and intuitive user interface combines monitoring for volume, pressure and oxygen, as well as ventilator controls and fresh gas flow information on a single screen. The compact breathing system (COSY) can be height adjusted and rotated to the best position for the clinician and patient.

The Fabius GS provides a cost effective anesthesia delivery system offering features previously unavailable in its price category.

1-Year Warranty