Refurbished North American Drager Narkomed 2C Anesthesia System

Product Description

  • Air Flowcontrol assembly with Air yoke
  • O2 Flowcontrol assembly with O2 yoke
  • N2O Flowcontrol assembly with O2 yoke
  • NAD Triple exclusion system
  • Forane 19.1 Drager vaporizer w/ interlock
  • NAD Absorber System complete with hoses
  • NAD Scavenger System complete with hoses (Open Reser)
  • NAD O2-MED FIO2 Monitor w/new fuel cell and sensor cable
  • NAD breathing pressure monitor
  • ORC oxygen ratio monitor
  • NAD respiratory volume monitor
  • NAD AV-2 electronic ventilator with Ascending Bellows
  • Drawer assembly w/central locking system
  • NAD remote display screen datagrip
  • Six-inch castors with front wheel locks

Warranty: 1 year Limited part and labor excluding travel time, rubber components, monitor sensors, fuel cells, spiromed sensors, seals, gaskets, and other expendable items. Warranty service must be performed by an authorized representative.

Subject to availability and ASE returned goods policy.