Refurbished OEC 9600 C-arm

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Product Description


  • Dual 16″ High Resolution Flicker Free Monitors
  • Tri-Mode 9″/6″/4.5″ Image Intensifier
  • Rotating Anode X-ray Tube (0.3mm & 0.6mm) Focal Spots
  • 4.0 kW High Frequency Generator
  • 12 mA Fluoro Boost
  • High Resolution CCD Camera
  • 10 bit Digital Image Processing
  • 200 Image Storage
  • Collimator with dual opposing shutters
  • MARS-Motion Artifact Reduction System
  • Frame Averaging
  • Last Image Hold (LIH)
  • Output to Floppy Disk
  • Thermal Printer
  • Multiple specialty packages available; SP, GSP, ESP, Vascular and
  • Neuro Vascular

All OEC-9600’s go through a multi-step refurbishing process. EDI takes great pride in the fact that each unit is restored to a like-new status. Pain Management, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation Services are just a few of the applications utilizing the EDI refurbished OEC-9600 carm. The rotating x-ray tube allows for greater penetration and resolution for the lumbar area when doing needle localizations or other work involving the thicker anatomical areas of patients. For barium swallows a VCR or Digital Video Recorder can be utilized for better record keeping and post study analysis. The CCD Technology used in the OEC-9600 image system allows for crisp clear imaging. Whatever the purpose, an EDI refurbished OEC-9600 will deliver the results you can depend on.