Reconditioned Zeiss OPMI-1FC 1880 ENT Microscope

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Product Description


  • Zeiss OPMI-1FC Microscope head with 5 step magnification changer, manual fine focus and tilt
  • f=125 Straight Binocular
  • 2 12.5X HEP Eyepieces
  • f=250 objective lens
  • New Mark ll fiberoptic light source
  • New Schott fiberoptic cable
  • Low Profile Floor Stand or 1880 Stand
  • Dust cover

Warranty: 2 years on all parts and labor. If at the end of a 30 day evaluation your microscope does not meet specific requirements, the unit may be returned and a refund will be issued for the full price less the cost of freight.

Subject to availability and ASE returned good policy