Mindray DPM6/7 Patient Monitor

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Product Description

DPM6™ and DPM7™ offer a broad range of patient monitoring capabilities in a robust, modular design. Specifically targeted to the operating room and post-operative areas, DPM6/7 present a powerful combination of advanced functionality and extraordinary value. With features such as ETCO2, 5-agent multi-gas analysis with auto-ID, extensive data storage and independent display support (DPM7 only), these monitors are packed with features to assist you in a wide range of cases. Beyond that, the high resolution, touchscreen displays provide the exceptional visibility and usability needed when monitoring patients in the anesthesia environment.


  •  12.1″ High Resolution Touchscreen Display
  • Wireless 2.4Ghz (802.11g)
  • Defibrillator Synchronization
  • 120-hours of graph and trends
  •  48-hours of full disclosure waveform review
  • NIBP recall for 1,000 most recent measurements
  • Alarm event review for up to 100 physiological alarm episodes
  • Alarm event review for up to 100 arrhythmia alarm episodes
  • Connects to DPM CS central station or Panorama® Patient Monitoring Network
  • Interfaces with Nurse Call Systems
  • 5 built-in module slots
  • 8 slot external module rack
  • 3, 5 and 12 Lead ECG
  • Arrhythmia and ST analysis
  • Up to 8 invasive blood pressures
  • Non-invasive blood pressure
  • SPO2: DPM, Masimo® or Nellcor®
  • CO2: DPM Sidestream or Oridion® Microstream
  • Thermodilution cardiac output and can interface with Vigilance II®
  • 2 Temperatures
  • 3 Trace recorder
  • Respiration
  • Respiratory mechanics
  • Multi-gas analysis

The DPM 6 offers a broad range of patient monitoring capabilities for mid and high acuity departments. Its design incorporates a 12.1″ touchscreen display and functionality to meet the demands of the ICU and OR, such as multi-vector Arrhythmia and ST analysis, Cardiac Output (CO), Continuous Cardiac Output (CCO/SVO2), CO2, up to 8 invasive blood pressures, 5-agent multi-gas analysis with auto-ID and data storage. Furthermore, a secondary monitor can be used to display the same information as shown on the DPM 6.