Remanufactured GE AMX II Portable

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Product Description

  • New 26 Amp/Hour Maintenance Free Lead Calcium Batteries
  • New column counter weight cables installed
  • New front caster assembly
  • Front caster assembly housing reinforced
  • Main frame chassis reinforcement installed to prevent cracking
  • All bearing inspected and replaced as necessary
  • Column reinforced kits installed
  • New high voltage and New low voltage cables
  • New control panel
  • Calibration to meet or exceed OEM and HHS specifications
  • Complete cosmetic refinishing
  • Upgrade to AMX III Column lock assembly
  • New AMX III hand switch with New cable complete with remote field light option
  • New transport latch bar
  • Reinforced cassette drawer
  • New wrap around bumpers
  • New drive belts
  • New hospital grade cord cap
  • New collimator, mAs & kV dials
  • New stainless steel drive handle
  • New indicator panel lights
  • New field light button


  • 100 mA constant
  • kVp 50-110
  • mAs 1.0-300
  • 12 kVp stations
  • 24 mAs stations
  • X-Ray tube MX-75 300k HU
  • Focal spot of 1.0mm
  • Motor driven (forward & reverse)
  • Variable speed drive
  • Motor drive boost

Warranty: 18 Months Warranty on all Parts. The X-ray tube carries a 3 year replacement warranty. The Lead Calcium batteries carry a two year manufacturers warranty; the first year is 100% and the second is prorated.

NOTE: The purchaser is responsible for warranty labor. The purchaser is required to trouble shoot any problem to board level components, and repair/replace components when the repair/replacement of said components is the best method to eliminate down time. Items used in the warranty repair will be replaced once the equipment is operational.

Subject to availability and ASE returned goods policy.