New Medical Illumination Centurion Traditional Single Head Ceiling Mount Surgical Lighting System

Product Description


  • Prefocused 6″ (152mm) spot at a distance of 36″ (914mm) from a lamphead, providing homogenous light with 4,000 ft. candles (43,000 lux) and color temperature of approx. 4000 degrees Kelvin
  • Easily replaceable, low cost, long life 12 Volt/90 Watt halogen bulb
  • 15″ 9380mm) diameter elliptical reflector
  • IR absorbing, color-correcting glass cylinder
  • 28″ (711mm) articulating arm with integral compression spring
  • Arm rotates 40 degrees up and down from horizontal plane
  • Lamp head and arm both rotate 540 degrees
  • Removable sterilization handle
  • Additional positioning handle mounted on perimeter
  • Available in floor, wall fixed ceiling or Chuttle Trak mounting

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

Subject to availability and ASE returned goods policy.