Steris Harmony Surgical Lighting System

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Product Description

Save Procedural Time with Expanded Surgeon Control
The Harmony System gives surgeons direct control over position, pattern size, intensity, ambient lighting, and power – all with one hand, and all without compromising the sterile field. This advance in lighthandle control helps save procedural time and frees nurses to focus on patient care.

Centralized Controls
The Harmony Lighting System utilizes a unified Wall Control that integrates controls for the surgical lights, in-light camera, Deep Spot light and ambient light when switching to monitoring mode. The LCD Wall Control also in- corporates a diagnostic control center that helps minimize downtime of the major operational components.

See Better, See Truer
The Harmony Lighting System has further refined the technology of illumination, heat filtering as well as taking reliability to a whole new level. This light offers 7 intensity levels, uncompromising shadow reduction and the industries best color and CRI combination. The 42 inch depth of field virtually eliminates the need to make adjustments during a case. Lastly, the minimal heat output serves to preserve tissue integrity while maximizing surgeon comfort throughout the procedure.
Take control with the Steris Harmony Light!