Health Sonics Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit T9.0C

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Product Description

The T9.0C is sized for longer medical instruments like scopes. The unit features an electronic solenoid drain for easy operation. All models feature a 5 year warranty on the tank and a 2 year warranty on all other parts.


Product Details

Overall Dimensions 20.8″ X 7.5″ X 11.5″ (See additional product views)
Tank Dimensions 19.9″ X 5.2″ X 6″ (Holds up to 3 half size cassettes)
Weight 25 lbs
Tank Capacity 2.3 gallons, 9 liters, 9.2 quarts
Dilution Ratio 40:1 4.5 ounces of solution
Drain Size 1/2″ electric solenoid
Sonic Power (Average) 200 watts
Voltage 120 volts
Current 2 amps
Fuse 2A IR200A 250VAC, IR10KA 125VAC Fast Acting
Output Frequency 42 kHz
Cut Out Dimensions (Recessed) 20.375″ X 6.375″ (See additional product views)


Accessories and Options

Product Number Description Price
003-010 Basket, Stainless Steel $137.92
003-028 Carrier, Cassette $138.47
300-613 Pan, Aux. Stainless Steel $167.79
300-611 Accessory Pack:
2 Beakers
2 Beaker Covers
2 Velcro Straps
Positioning Cover
Small Parts Tray